Matej is optimistic before the first SGP race

After the official practice, Matej is optimistically awaiting to the SGP race tomorrow. He tested the remaning two engines, which worked perfectly. The draw has given him a start number three, so he’s gating twice from white gate, which we know, is quite unfavourable.
“I do not worry about the draw. In my career I often had start numbers with two white gates, but that means I’m only more motivated, ” said Matej.

Matej’s qualification heats:
1.  Gollob, Woffinden, Žagar, Kasprzak
7.  Ward, Lindgren, Holder, Žagar
11. Iversen, Pedersen, Žagar, Sayfutdinov
15. Lindbäck, Žagar, Vaculik, Hancock
19. Žagar, Hampel, Jonsson, Bunyan

Matej’s audio comment about the training in Auckland (in Slovenian)